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Dies from BAER - Precise cutting of external threads

What do you like most about handicrafts? Is it the good feeling of having made something yourself? Whether the professional in the workshop or the amateur in the hobby cellar, looking with pride at a completed project simply never gets boring. At BAER, we help you achieve your goals and bring your ideas to life. With high-quality tools that create an optimal foundation for you to shine with your craftsmanship.

Thread cutting is certainly one of the more demanding craft activities. But with the right tool, that's no problem either. You may already know our taps for internal threads. In addition, with dies of the highest quality, we also offer the right counterpart for cutting external threads. In our family business, we have been combining tradition and modernity for 40 years - you can feel that at every turn. Quality you can rely on and always an open ear for your concerns are the cornerstones of our company philosophy. May we also convince you?

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The BAER dies - this is how they are constructed

A cutting tool has a cylindrical body with some characteristic features:

  • Cutting: Cut the thread profile into the stud according to the selected standard.
  • Chip holes: Depending on the design, three, four or more chip holes through which accumulating chips can be removed.
  • Recesses: Tapered recesses on the outside are used for firm anchoring in the holding tool.

In addition to round dies, there are also hexagonal dies or cutting nuts. These can be operated with a normal ring wrench, for example, but are more suitable for recutting external threads. Special dies are used to produce external threads on pipes in the plumbing and heating sector; these are also known as cutting dies. Other special forms are automatic dies and bell dies.

BAER Die - external thread cutting made easy

If you have a bolt or round bar with the appropriate diameter, it is easy to cut an external thread. It is up to you whether you want to use a machine for this or perform the operation by hand. Each die is basically suitable for use in both the die holder and the machine. In any case, you should first chamfer the edges of your bar or bolt. This not only facilitates the cutting process, but also the use of your threaded rod later on.

External thread cutting by hand

To cut an external thread by hand, you need a die holder. This is a specialized holding tool that is used exclusively to hold a die. Place the die in the round opening and tighten the mounting screws. The cutter can be used from either side, so you do not need to pay attention to the orientation. Using cutting oil, now turn the die onto the bolt until the desired thread length is achieved.

Use die in the machine

You can also cut external threads with your stationary lathe or drill. You do not need a special die for this, but you do need a holder that is compatible with your equipment. The die is then fastened here in the same way as with the die holder and turned onto the bolt. Unlike when using a die holder, the thread length is limited here, as the finished cut bolt can only protrude a short distance into the holder.

Cutting tools product range in BAER Online-Shop

At BAER we always strive to provide you with the best possible experience when searching for dies in the Online-Shop to offer you the best possible experience. That is why we have a wide range of products, which we are constantly expanding in close cooperation with our customers. Should you ever not find what you are looking for, then we as a cutting tool manufacturer always have the possibility to implement customized special designs for you in our in-house production.

Single die

You can buy individual dies from us that are suitable for almost every conceivable application. We carry dies for a variety of internationally common thread standards and special shapes, which leaves nothing to be desired. In addition, you can obtain our dies in a wide variety of designs, e.g. for use on a wealth of different materials, for left-hand threads or unusual dimensions. In addition to round dies, we also have a large selection of hexagonal dies in our catalog.

No matter which design you choose, all of our dies are manufactured from high-speed steel with great care and precision. You will receive a high quality product that will give you perfect results and have a long service life.

Die holder

Of course, in addition to dies, we also offer the matching holding tools. Our steel or premium die-cast die holders are robust workhorses that always do their job patiently, even with frequent use. Easy to handle, efficient in absorbing force and space-saving to store - these are die holders from BAER. When purchasing, make sure that the die holder is compatible with the desired die size.

Die guide

You can use these practical aids to facilitate clean alignment when cutting external threads by hand. The die guide is inserted into the die holder together with the die and helps keep the tool plumb. For successful thread cutting and less waste.

Dies sets and assortments

In addition to the possibility of purchasing tools and accessories individually, we also carry a number of sets and assortments. These are particularly interesting if you have a large demand for cutting irons and need many different sizes. On the other hand, beginners also benefit from the hand-picked assortments. Buying a set or assortment of cutting irons can often be easier than picking the right ones from a large number of individual parts.

You can get our die sets either in the version without accessories or in a complete package with matching die holders and die guides. For workshops, industrial use or very ambitious do-it-yourselfers, we also carry large sets which, in addition to dies and accessories, also contain the corresponding taps.

There is also the right set for your needs, just have a look around in our Online-Shop!